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FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

Shalom and welcome to Talit.com,

"I would like to personally thank you for visiting our website and for supporting Israel.  I am committed to provide you the best service, products and prices.  I will be happy to receive any suggestions from your side.

Moshe Yanovsky
Talit.com CEO

Q: Who Are You?   (back to top)
A: We are a company that operates in the Judaica business for four generations. We are located in Yavne Israel, a Historical city 16 miles south of Tel Aviv.

The Gurkevich family has been in the tallit production and Judaica business for over 70 years and 3 generations. Moshe Gurkevich arrived in Israel in the year 1920 and established the Tallit factory ‘Zohar’.  His son in law Moshe Yanovsky later joined the business. Moshe Yanovsky was wounded in the Israeli army during the Yom Kippur war while defending the country as a soldier (to see the website of Moshe’s unit, click here).

In 1996 Moshe’s son founded the website TALIT.com, the first website selling Judaica from the holy land, Israel. The website was set up in order to help the Israeli economy and those working in the Judaica business in Israel.
The website that started selling tallis from Israel to many places worldwide, has developed over the years and has become the big website selling Judaica from Israel. The central office and the warehouse are located in Yavne, a city 22 km from Tel Aviv.
Today Moshe Yanovsky manages the website together with his son Refael Yanovsky as well as Refael’s wife, Sara.
Sara is a new immigrant from Austria, who came to Israel to build a home with Refael. They have a son called Netanel. Refael and Sara are responsible for the marketing and customer service of the website.

Q: How Long Your Website is Operative?   (back to top)
A: We sell Judaica and Jewish Religious Articles Online since 1995. We have thousands of satisfied customers in the past 12 years.

Q: How You can Keep Your Prices So Competitive?   (back to top)
A: We manufacture some of the items that we sell on our website, and the products that we don't manufacture we buy directly from the manufacturers here in Israel. We buy from the top Tallit manufacturers, from leading Judaica artists and producers and we work with respected STaM (Torah Scrolls, Tefillin and Mezuzah) manufacturers and Rabbis.

Q: Do you have all the Items in Stock?   (back to top)
A: Usually all the items are available and in stock. If an item is out of stock you will be notified.

Q: I Need a Personalization on the Items that I order, Can you Personalize?   (back to top)
A: Yes we do personalization. Here is the list of the personalization that are available for you:

  • Printing on Satin Kipas for Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, Weddings and other celebration.
  • Embroidering on all the Tallit, Tallit bags, Tefillin bags and Challah covers.
  • Engravings on all the Judaica Silverware. (only the 925 Sterling Silver items).
  • Personalization on all the Reffael handmade products (Tallit and Challah covers). The personalization on the items are hand painted by the artist himself.
  • If you need special customized product you can e-mail us to: sales@talit.com and we will try to help you with all your needs.

Q: Is your website Safe and  Secure for online purchases?   (back to top)
A: Yes. We use GeoTrust QuickSSL (Secure Sockets Layer) The protocol for Secure data transfer over the internet. All the Personal Information that you write in our website and all the Credit Card details that you place in our website are secure and cannot be view by a third party.

Q: Do you Ship Worldwide?   (back to top)
A: Yes. We ship all our products from Israel to all over the world. We send items to North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

How Long does it Take to an Order to be Shipped?
A: Your order usually ships within 1-3 business days. If there is a problem with the availability of an items that you ordered you will be notified via e-mail with the time of availability and the alternatives that you have. Personalized items and Techelet tzitzit on Tallit will delay orders by 3-7 business days.

When Will My Order Arrive and What are the Prices for Shipping?
A: Regular delivery is shipped with regular air mail; Express delivery is shipped with the EMS (Express Mail Service) service. All the information is relevant to all International order around the world. Look at the following table for the delivery information::

Type of Delivery Order Total *Cost Time of Arrival (Estimated)
Regular Up to 15US$ 7US$ 14-21 business days
Regular 15US$ - 30US$ 8US$ 14-21 business days
Regular 30US$ - 300US$ 10US$ 14-21 business days
Regular 300US$+ 10US$ 14-21 business days
Express (EMS) All orders 20US$ 6-14 business days

* Please note that orders that will have a total weight of more than 4 kg. (8.8 lbs.) will be charged according to the cost of shipping and will be contacted via phone or e-mail before shipment.

I need a Fast Delivery, How can you Help Me?
A: If you need a faster delivery from what we offer please contact us at sales@talit.com or call toll free 1800-705-1948, 1-888-224-7229 and we will try to find the best solution to your needs. To minimize the delays you can place your order and if the delivery will not be possible your order will be canceled and you will not be charged.

Q: What is Your Return Policy?   (back to top)
A: Talit.com is committed to making every customer a satisfied customer. We consider it extremely important that customers enjoy the products they purchase and look forward to doing business with us again. We guarantee that all products are new and genuine as described.  We want you to know what you are buying and be confident that you will always get what you pay for.
If not completely satisfied, please:
Contact our sales department sales@talit.com  for return address. Please, specify your order confirmation number. Return merchandise within 30 days of delivery for replacement or full refund (excluding Shipping costs).  Product must be returned to us in its original condition, with the original sales slip. Product must be returned to us with its original boxing.

Q: Do you sell Wholesale to Shops and Stores?   (back to top)
A: Yes. Shops, Stores and Synagogue gift shops can place wholesale orders. The minimum for wholesale orders is 10 items per order. For our wholesale pricing refer to our Wholesale page.

Q: How Talit.com Contribute to the Community?   (back to top)
."The world stands upon three things: on Torah, on Divine Service, and on acts of kindness."

By making a purchase through talit.com you are supporing a community in Israel and gain to fulfill the commandment of doing acts of kindness.
Talit.com transfers part of its profits to the project ‘Chayei Sarah’, a community support project in Yavne under the supervision of Rabbi Yosef Lerer. (click here to donate to ‘Chayei Sarah’ project)


Q: How I contact you?   (back to top)
You can send an e-mail to sales@talit.com or call our free lines 1-888-224-7229 or 1-800-705-1948.

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