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How to Prepare Some Exotic Handmade Tallit?

Why handmade tallit?

For any occasion, handmade gifts create that aura and buzz when they are gifted to someone. A handmade tallit is a wonderful gift to anyone who belongs to the Jewish community. Especially during bar mitzvah, when it is customary to gift someone something of immense importance, a tallit that is handmade is an ideal option. During weddings also, especially among Sephardic communities, a groom is required to wear a tallit. So, during weddings also, a handmade tallit makes a great gift.

How is it made?

There are tallit makers who make some of the most wonderful handmade tallits. The traditional handmade tallit is woven using wool. For starters, a right sized piece of woolen cloth is required that can cover a person from the top of the head to the knee. The edges of the tallit are hemmed and a cotton lining is used along the hem. Care is taken to see that the hems are not visible. The cotton lining is used to absorb sweat from the body and protect the woolen fabric of the handmade tallit. After the base of the tallit is ready, traditional stripes in blue and white are created near the edges. Atarah, the neckline is woven after that. To finish it off, tzitzih, or fringes are woven about an inch and half from the edges of the handmade tallit.

Is the handmade expensive?

This is the age of mass production using machines. Anything that is produced using manual labor is bound to be more expensive. Like other items, a handmade tallit is more expensive than machine made tallit. However, a handmade tallit is definitely more intricately designed than a machine made tallit. A handmade tallit in itself is available in various price ranges and depending upon your budget, you can choose your own. One thing you can be assured of. The more you spend on your handmade tallit the better will be the quality of the material and the artistry. There are some famous tallit designers in Israel who make some of the most handmade tallits that can be seen.

Where is it used?

A handmade tallit is most commonly used as a prayer shawl. It is worn by men and boys. Jewish women are not bound by law to wear tallits. Once upon a time, women were prohibited from wearing tallits, but many Jewish communities now allow their women to wear tallits. A handmade tallit is also a great gift for those attending their first bar mitzvah.

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