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TallitTraditional Tallit

Acrylic Talis

Traditional talis made of polyster, very light and comfortable. The fringes are just like in the wool. These astonishing Talis come in a variety of color combinations, with silver and gold stripes. Various sizes are also available to fit you best for the most comfortable feeling.

Click here for Tallit Size Selection Guide

Hand Made Techelet Blue Thread is made of hand made strings, which are dyed under the supervision of the Admor of Radin. Hand Made Blue Thread comes only with Hand Made White Tzitzit. Machine Made blue thread comes from the tzitzit Supplier and all machine made tzitzit with additional techelet blue thread will come with machine made blue thread.
If no blue thread is ordered, the standard white tzitzit is machine made. Hand made white tzitzit has to be ordered separately.

*Sizes are approximate. Available: Matching Bag&Kipa
* Tallit comes with kosher certificate.
* Tallit made of 100% acrylic
size 40K can come either in 28'' or 36''
Size Color/Sample Price

18"x68" (25-K) 27.59$

24"x68" (30-K) 32.39$

28"x76" (40-K) 37.19$

42"x64" (45-K) 39.59$

48"x68" (50-K) 45.59$

52"x72" (55-K) 49.19$

56"x76" (60-K) 53.99$

Additional Products:
Matching Bag & Kipa - 13.99$
Personalization on Talis (1$ per letter) - 1$
Silver Thread Attarah Design 1 - 35.99$
Silver Thread Attarah Design 2 - 29.99$
Talit Clips - 8.99$
Techelet-Blue Thread  - 21.99$
Hand Made zizit - 12$


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