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Why You Must have a Tallit Gadol?

What is a tallit?

Tallits are prayer shawls worn by the Jewish people when they attend prayer, either in the morning or in the evening. The traditional tallits cover a person from the top of the head to the knee. The more popular tallits cover people from the top of the head to the top of the buttocks.

What is a tallit gadol?

A tallit gadol is a large tallit and is worn by the Jewish people during their morning prayers. The tallit gadol is also worn by the leaders of the prayer during other Jewish religious services. The speciality of the tallit gadol is that it manages to cover the entire body of a person. A tallit gadol is sometimes used to denote the importance of the person wearing it.

What is a tallit gadol made of?

A traditional tallit gadol is made of wool. People who are non-Jewish and want to wear a tallit gadol as a fashion accessory also use cotton and silk to make it. Silk tallit gadols are most popular among the Jewish population in Spain and Portugal. Some of the modern tallit gadols are made of a combination of cotton and polyester too. However, the Jewish law forbids the combination of linen and wool. A handmade tallit gadol made of wool is the ideal dress for early morning Jewish prayers.

What is the color of a traditional tallit gadol?

Traditional tallit gadols usually have a base color of black or white. White and blue stripes can be traditionally seen along the edges of the clothing. Some of the modern tallit gadols are made using other colors too. But non traditional colors are used on a tallit gadol when it is used for non religious purposed. A religious tallit gadol will almost always have a combination of white or black with blue and white stripes along the edges.

What is the atarah?

An atarah is the neckband of the tallit gadol. The atarah of the more expensive tallit gadols is made using silver or gold threads.

What is tzitzit?

The tzitzit is the fringe that hangs from the four corners of a tallit gadol. A tzitzit is woven into a tallit to remind faithful about the Commandments of God.

Customs of the tallit gadol

A tallit gadol can be worn during various occasions. Apart from religious prayers, there are tallit gadols worn during weddings and burials too.

Who can wear tallit gadols?

Usually tallit gadols are worn by leaders of the prayer. These items of clothing are used to mark the importance of the religious leaders. However, other people can also wear tallit gadols during the morning prayers.

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